Between Darkness and Light by Daniel Irwin Tucker


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Written by Daniel Irwin Tucker
Publisher Wasteland Press
ISBN-13 978-1-68111-156-8
Book Dimensions 6x9
Format Paperback
Pages 128

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“I love Daniel’s poetry. It is very powerful and beautiful. I love how he connects to the timelessness and the eternal now. His understanding and honesty on universal personal issues is awesome. Helpful to all. He is so gifted.”  
—DeLauné Michel, Novelist (HarperCollins)

“Wow. Great job. Daniel Irwin Tucker puts a lot into his poems – powerful words – intense and poignant. Great images.  Love how he uses nature in them. Neat. I love the depth, pointing the reader to look too.  I enjoyed the way many sentences melded into each other – very dream-like. I specially loved the feel of seductive waves between body and soul. Beautiful. Neat assessments that almost reveals recognition of faith’s possibility behind the platitude. Seems to leave seeds of hope for regrowth.  Very moving, beautiful and sad.”
—Sheila Deeth, Writer/editor/novelist (Indigo Sea Press, et al.)                     

“Beautiful sentiments and knowledge. I am always happy to read his work. I really like the graphic metaphors and images. Daniel speaks in sacred tongue – oh, that revealing ink – fine poems with close understanding of poetic procession. I find his creative words both intimate and universal. I also find many of his poems to be infinitely sad, perhaps because it takes the measure of us all. But I also see a love that is lasting, spirit uplifted, making wonderful words – powerful and cathartic. Despite all, [poor health] Daniel is the richer for this writing talent.”
—Barbary Chaapel, Poet/adventuress

“Daniel Irwin Tucker looks across vast expanses of time through eyes that see fresh poetic realities . . . fascinating poems (and odysseys really) of both lyrical and metaphorical import on decay and renewal.”
—John F Walter, Playwright/poet                  


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Between Darkness and Light by Daniel Irwin Tucker

Between Darkness and Light by Daniel Irwin Tucker

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